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Limiting my inspiration to one subject at a time is often a goal - but one rarely achieved.  Absolutely everything inspires me.  I take thousands of photos of the spectacular wonders of nature and oddly, I am equally drawn to structures, trains, trestles, tangled phone lines, oil rigs and the like.  I especially love the decay and corrosion, oxidation and dilapidation that occurs as man-made structures deteriorate and thus blend back into nature.  All of these things give me inspiration, and their lines often give my work composition.


My works reflect the juxtaposition of the natural and the constructed.  I'm visually fascinated by the delicate balance between nature's awe-inspiring beauty and the industry and interruption that man has placed within it.


Paint and color have always been my constant companions.  Over my many years of painting and designing, I have found that my palette varies somewhat, and will occasionally stray completely, but my comfort zone is always warm.  Acrylic paints account for most of my mark-making, but original and found collage materials often find their way into my work.


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